Laboratory of Phytoplankton Ecology and Reservoir Limnology
Author's CV

doc. RNDr. Petr Znachor, Ph.D.

Date and place of birth: 29. 10. 1973, České Budějovice
Phone No.: +420 604 314 751, +420 38 777 5850
Email: znachy at

MSc, 1998, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, emphasis in phytoplankton ecology
PhD, 2003, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, emphasis in limnology and microbial ecology
Habilitation in Hydrobiology, 2015, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

1338 citations (1227 without self-citations), 56 IF publications, H-index = 22, Researcher ID: AAH-5088-2020

Areas of competence:
(i) Reservoir limnology and phytoplankton ecology, (ii) Long-term data analysis, effects of weather extremes on reservoir functioning; (iii) Fluorescence techniques, (iv) Diatom ecophysiology and microbial interactions, (v) Phytoplankton temporal dynamics and spatial distribution

Professional experience:
1998 – present: Research associate at the Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre CAS
2013 – 2017: Head of the Scientific Council (IHB BC AS CR)
2018 – present: Head of the Department of Aquatic Microbial Ecology, (IHB BC AS CR)
2018 – present: Chairman of Czech Limnological Society,
2009 – present: Member of Czech Long-term Ecological Research network (LTER),

Recent projects:

2022 – 2024: leading the research project (GA ČR 22-33245S) “Effects of extreme weather events on seasonal dynamics of planktonic assemblages and reservoir water quality” (more)
2018 – 2022: co-PI of the ERDF/ESF project No CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_025/0007417 “Biomanipulation as a tool for improving water quality of dam reservoirs”
2015 – 2017: leading the research project (P504/15-13750S): “Phytoplankton responses to environmental forcing – lessons learned from 30-year monitoring of the Římov Reservoir”
2011 – 2014: leading the research project (GA ČR No P504/11/2177): “The importance of cell death for freshwater phytoplankton succession, structure and composition”
2011 – 2014: co-investigator of the research project (GA ČR No P504/11/2182): “Phytoplankton release of dissolved organic carbon and its relationship to bacterioplankton composition”
2007 – 2009: leading the research project (GA ČR P504/15-13750S): “Mixotrophic nutrition of summer phytoplankton species in the Římov Reservoir“

Personal interests:
aerial photography, microphotography, travelling, history, medieval castles, volleyball

Scientific papers:

Viera H.H., Bulzu P., Kasalický V., Haber M., Znachor P., Piwosz K., Ghai R. (2024) Isolation of a widespread giant virus implicated in cryptophyte bloom collapse. The ISME Journal, wrae029,

Znachor P., Nedoma J., Kolar V., Matoušů A. (2023): Spatial and temporal variability of methane emissions and environmental conditions in a hyper-eutrophic fishpond. Biogeosciences 20: 4273–4288.

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Čtvrtlíková M., Kopáček J., Nedoma J., Znachor P., Hekera P., Vrba J. (2023): Aquatic quillworts, Isoëtes echinospora and I. lacustris under acidic stress - a review from a temperate refuge. Ecology and Evolution. 13:e9878.

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