Laboratory of Phytoplankton Ecology and Reservoir Limnology
Author's CV


Petr Znachor is an author of all presented aerial and microscopic pictures. These images have been taken part in more than 30 exhibitions and got numerous international awards. They have also been repeatedly published in various scientific books and journals and played an important role in knowledge dissemination and public outreach.

Petr Znachor received his PhD from University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) in 2003. He is a research associate at the Institute of Hydrobiology. His research has been primarily focused on various aspects of phytoplankton ecology, and later he expanded his scope to reservoir limnology and analyses long-term time series. Since his first moment when he looked in the microscope, he was astonished by myriads of beautiful shapes and colours of phytoplankton hidden in a single drop of water. He hopes his pictures raise awareness of the importance of these tiny organisms that cannot be seen with naked eyes.